Genting Highland Chronology

On the 9th June 2007, The Finance Department of Jurutera Perunding Zaaba was having a trip to Genting Highland with their staff. Special thanks to Kak Nana (my senior account executive) for making this happy trip happens. Not to forget to Amiri & Nuree for their time to go along with us. Although due some reason, a few staff couldn't make it happen. i'm very understand their situation & position. It's OK, may be other time we all can make it happen!!
  • 7.00am = Damn! i promised those guys (Amiri & Nuree) to fetch them early in the morning!! but now Nuree give me a wake up call..!! Sory nuree. tido lambat laa.. Huhu~
  • 7.45am = Start my car n rushed to Amiri's house to pick him up. And then to Nuree's house. Kak Nana & Abang Kamal with their lovely kids(his hubby) will straight away go to Genting but we go on our own.
  • 8.15am = Arrived at roundabout and i don quite sure that place name was. Kak Nana ask us to wait her there. We went for a breakfast in a restraunt. Had a little chat and not to forgot snap a few pictures.
  • 8.45am = Kak Nana arrived and we follow their car and climbed up to the top.
  • 9.00am = After we parked our car safe and sound. We straight away went to buy the tickets. Kak Nana & Amiri doing the buying thing while me busying snap a few pictures.
  • 9.15am = Amiri & Nuree took their first ride at the Spinner!! while me still busying snap pictures. i don't know why, i don't have the guts to join their. Yup! scared to death!!
  • 10.00am = Wait a very long time to get to the Space Shot. This time i'm not scared anymore. Just imagine to fall from almost 7 storey building. I couldn't yeld during the falling.
  • 12.00pm = Dinosaurland. Kinda bored. i think its suits for children.
  • 1.00pm = Lunch time!!!
  • 2.00pm = i think we already in the indoor side. Searching for prayer room for perform Solat.
  • 3.00pm = Again, waiting que for Sungai Rejang Flume Ride. But it was awesome guys!! next time if, i'm definitely wanna to try it again..!!
  • 4.00pm = Going for Dragon Ride. It was very fun as the train go very fast. i'm not scared of it because i'm used to drive my car faster than that!
  • 6.00pm = break for high tea n solat.
  • 7.00pm= Kak Nana said enough is enough. Let go home you guys!
  • 9.00pm = Arrived in KL, search for a place for dinner and found Lala Seafood in Kg Baru!
  • 10.00pm = i send Amiri & Nuree back home.

Well you guys!!! Thanks for such a wonderfull moment. One of the best moment in my life that i'll treasured. Hoping for next trip!! Amiri!! Lost World of Tambun plak bulan depan!!

*to see all the pictures in Genting. Please go to My Fotopages


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